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Celebrating Five Years of Wounaan Christmas Bird Counts!

January 5, 2023, the Wounaan community of Puerto Lara held their fifth consecutive, annual Christmas Bird Count. This year, they spotted 149 bird species, and 982 total birds. This is the greatest number of species and birds recorded since they began their Christmas Bird Count in Puerto Lara in 2018.

Jairo Cheucarama, the Wounaan Bird Count coordinator provided this summary of the days events: "There were 22 participants, men and women, who enthusiastically volunteered to head out into the field to count birds. This year, we had 4 routes (aquatic, trail, road, and stream.) We had great results –11 (sic) more species than our first Christmas Bird Count! We also surpassed our previous record for number of total birds. Our count this year took place with the participation of Indigenous members of the Wounaan community, from both Puerto Lara and other communities."

Here are some photos taken by Jairo of birds that were spotted at this year's Christmas Bird Count including: the Summer Tanager, Laughing Falcon and Mottled Owl. Unusual species included the Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, and the Golden-fronted Greenlet.

Native Future is proud to partners with Wounaan birders to carry out the Puerto Lara Christmas Bird Count each year. Find the full results of the Christmas Bird Count and learn more about the Wounaan Bird Count here.

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