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84 High School and University Students Studying this Semester

Thanks to three organizations working with the Native Future education program, this semester 84 Ngäbe Buglé students are continuing their education.

Misión Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires: The Catholic mission education program, led by Father Chelo Castro and Agricultural Engineer Eduardo Chincherra, has a variety of programs: 38 students are receiving financial aid to study at universities and senior high schools in the cities, 15 high school students are boarding at the mission, receiving food, housing, and agricultural training, such as in aquaculture and fish tank construction, as pictured below with Mr. Chincherra, and another 10 students received scholarships to purchase school materials for local studies.

Education Committee, El Jacinto Community: The education committee of El Jacinto met in February and decided that university students would be recipients of scholarships this year. The offspring of family residents, including grandchildren, are eligible. The group is working to form a social mission organization so Native Future may continue to fund the program in the future. Ten students applied and have received first semester scholarship funds.

Picture right: Fidelina Rodriguez, 2nd yr university student, El Jacinto.

Women's Artisan Cooperative, Buenos Aires: This year, children and grandchildren of active members working in the cooperative were eligible to receive high school and university scholarships. Of four university students, two will graduate this year. Ten more scholarship recipients are high school students. The Cooperative is managed by an active Board of Directors (pictured below). Cooperative founder Irene Vasquez (in black), brings her banking experience to the financial management of the cooperative and the scholarship fund.

Thank you to all of the Native Future donors who support the education of Indigenous youth in Panama!

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