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Native Cultures

Conserving Threatened Lands

Our Mission


Assisting Indigenous peoples to protect and conserve the ecosystems in which they live.

Native Future Programs

Wounaan village in Panama

Technical assistance, training, and financial resources to strengthen Wounaan capacity to protect and conserve their biodiversity.

Education program for wounaan children

Wounaan, Ngäbe, and Bugle receiving education and training that meet their personal and Indigenous development goals.

conservation of wounaan land

Twelve Wounaan communities and 350,000 acres of their rain forests legally titled and protected.

The project Neem Chain hoo kap᾽Ʌ Wanirrag, as it is known by Wounaan, is developing Wounaan knowledge and practice in bird watching, identification and monitoring, and habitat conservation. It also develops educational materials in Woun meu to teach Wounaan children the cultural significance of birdlife in their native language.

Thank you to our partners...

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