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Ngäbe Buglé Students Adjust to Virtual Classes

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

When school in Panama went virtual last year, Ngäbe Buglé scholarship recipients got creative about putting your donations to work to get online and continue their studies. Whether it was purchasing a cell phone to connect with their classes, accessing a shared computer in a nearby town with internet service, or buying cards for cell phone service, because of your generosity they're managing to stay in school during the pandemic. They sent us their stories, and selfies!

Liliana Miranda, a 10th grader, communicates with her high school many hours away using a computer your donations helped purchase for the Artisan Cooperative Irene Vasquez. Liliana apologizes for not having her school uniform on in her picture, she left it at school prior to the pandemic.

Keivin Mendez, a17 year-old high school senior, struggles with virtual learning but clicks and connects with his teachers and classmates from his cell phone, determined to graduate. Keivin's teacher, like many others, requires her students to wear their uniforms when in virtual classes to show they are studying.

Fidelina Rodriguez. a high school student in the business program, works on schoolwork with a cell phone from her home in El Tigre Arriba. Her cell phone took this Sweet Selfie.

Rolando Martines Perez studies tourism in his high school program, attending classes on his cell phone from his home in El Jacinto.

Still, the educational setback that Ngäbe Buglé students are facing because of this pandemic cannot be overstated. Educational access was already a struggle for these students living in remote communities. It is now greatly exacerbated by adjusting to learning online and the technological requirements. Reliable cell phones cost $200, tablets are $300; laptops $500. And they still have to pay for internet service. But, we're here for them.

With your support, the Native Future is helping students safely continue their education, from afar and when they return to school in person. Every dollar you give helps Ngäbe Buglé scholarship recipients access the educational resources and technology they need to go further in their education and lives. Thank you!

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