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Meet a Few of 87 Current Ngäbe Buglé Students

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The pictures and quotes below are university students from El Jacinto, the small community where this scholarship program began in 2002. It is one of several organizations in the Buenos Aires area, Comarca Ngäbe Buglé, whose members and their offspring can apply for grants with Native Future.

Enelda Guerra 4th year, UMECIT,* La Chorrera

I would like to have my own house and family near El Jacinto. I would like to work in a legal medical institute in forensic science, helping investigate and resolve criminal cases.”

Franklin Valdes 4th year at UMECIT, Santiago

“My struggle is to keep my grades up so I can become a licensed technician in Medical Records and Statistics. After helping my siblings receive an education, I would like to marry and have two children.”

Rosalina Pita 3rd year, ISAE,* Santiago

Having money for basic needs is my biggest problem. I plan to get my primary education degree, teach, and have a house that I can share with my parents.”

Rolando Perez Martinez 1st year at UMECIT, Panama City

"I would like to become licensed in bilingual tourism. My greatest struggle is money. (Rolando’s laptop was stolen when he left night classes in a dangerous area. The fund helped him buy a new one.) I want to help the community I come from because they helped me so much to get here.”

Ivan Mendez Valdes 3rd year at Univ of Panama, Panama City

“I work 40 hours a week at a supermarket. I dream of getting my degree in technology and then helping other young people start a career.”

Fidelina Rodriguez 6th year at ISAE, Santiago

“My biggest challenge is technology: in my rural area we don’t have the capacity to do the work on the computer that the city has. I’m determined to get my degree and become a teacher."

*UMECIT: Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencia y Tecnología

*ISAE: Institución Superior de Administración y Educacion

Most students are working days and attending classes at night. Their stated year refers to years studying at university level. Several girls live at home and commute for Saturday classes; the scholarship doesn’t cover room and board.

Recent star graduate, Omar Mendez, took 10 years to qualify for his diploma. These six represent a much larger group of youths receiving critical aid on their path to a promising future. Aren’t we all pleased to be part of it? Hundreds of young people have received scholarship aid since its inception. Thank you, Donors!

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