Mission Statement

Our mission is straightforward: to protect marginalized indigenous cultures and help them conserve the ecosystems in which they live.

Many of the Earth’s wildest landscapes are under imminent threat of destruction. Some are ecologically critical to planetary health because of their biodiversity and endemic nature. Often small, marginalized indigenous cultures inhabit these same areas and depend on them for their social and economic well-being. They, too, face certain extinction. It is all but impossible to separate the future of the ecosystem from that of the native inhabitants.

The natural environment, the native people, their culture, language, and arts are all at risk of being lost or altered forever. We must work now to assure a future for both native cultures and the native ecosystems to which they are inextricably linked.

Therefore, Native Future adopts as its mission the advocacy for preservation of marginalized indigenous cultures and the conservation of the threatened ecosystems which they inhabit.

The overarching goals encompassed by Native Future’s mission are:

1. To ensure the survival of traditional indigenous cultures and their continued harmonious existence within the natural environment in which they live.

2. To assist in the development of appropriate, sustainable, and non-exploitative enterprises which simultaneously increase economic independence and promote the conservation of natural resources and the environment.

3. To strengthen and reinforce native cultures’ own efforts to build effective tribal organizations, preserve native language, custom, and arts, and to effectively manage their natural resources.

4. To secure, expand, and protect native land rights.

5. To encourage and facilitate protection of critical biodiversity and natural ecosystems which indigenous cultures inhabit and rely upon through long-term partnerships between native cultures and other national or international entities.