Help Wounaan protect and conserve their forests

Neem Chaain hoo k᾽ap᾽Ʌ WёnɅrraag

The Conservation of Wounaan Birds

In July of this year, over three days, ten Wounaan volunteers from Puerto Lara joined Wounaan cultural experts and national leaders to learn about bird watching from Native Future volunteers, Janice Jorgensen and Robert Mesta. By the end of the three days, the community of Puerto Lara asked for more!

Two months later, the Wounaan National Congress (CNPW) became the successful recipient of a UN Development Program Global Environment Facility Small Grant to continue the bird count and conservation work started in Puerto Lara by Janice, Robert and the Wounaan birders, Oropéndulas Negras. They call it Neem Chaain hoo k᾽ap᾽Ʌ WёnɅrraag.

What do birds and binoculars have to do with Wounaan land rights? 

We already know that more than 50% of Panama’s remaining forests are found in indigenous territory. Their stewardship is often the only reason much of Panama’s tropical forests are still standing. In the words of Cacique (Chief), Rito Ismare, “A Wounaan Bird Count will show the world the conservation Wounaan have practiced for generations”.

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Your generous donation helps Wounaan conserve, reforest and restore their ecosystems.  And this year donations to Native Future were tripled: we leveraged Native Future funds and volunteer time and Wounaan were awarded two more grants totaling $22,000 for Wounaan conservation. Can you support Wounaan conservation this year?  Thank you!